Novel Devices for Two-dimensional Micro- and Nano-focusing of X-Rays

Vertical and horizontal focusing system with silicon chips

Vertical focusing system with silicon chip

Optical layout of two-dimensional focusing with planar silicon compound refractive lenses (CRLs)

An X-ray optical device is based on two orthogonally placed silicon chips with planar compound refractive lenses (CRLs) focusing the beam successively in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The two CRLs are arranged along the optical axis in such a way, that the focal planes of the lenses coincide. A two-coordinate system of slits is installed in front of the vertical focusing system, to limit the beam that illuminates the CRLs. Astigmatism is corrected by moving the vertical focusing system with a linear motorized stage.

The positions of the different optical elements along the optical axis could be adjusted for different energies of x-rays with a linear positioning precision of ≤ 1 μm and an angular positioning recision of ≤ 0.2°. The proposed design allows the achievement of micro- and nano-focusing of the X-ray beam without any astigmatism and the whole system can be easily integrated into the optical scheme of any research station.

3D model of the focusing device based on silicon planar compound refractive lenses: 1 - adjustable 2D optical slit (aperture), 2 - motorized linear stage, 3 -motorized rotation stage, 4 - two-coordinate manual linear stage, 5 - motorized linear stage, 6 - rail carrier, 7 - optical rail


Linear positioning resolution [μm] ≤ 1
Angular positioning resolution [deg] ≤ 0.2
Dimensions [mm] 500 х 200 х 300
Mass [kg] 5.5
Number of chips with lenses 2
Focusing 1D, 2D
Energy range [keV] 10 ÷ 100
Software custom set of user commands
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